Meet Lion

Have you ever wished to live in a home that filled your heart with comfort and joy? – well i do! And that’s actually how No Land Home was born! 

 For each collection of No Land, I aim to create beautiful and cozy textiles for your home. Each product is made by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, by partnering with textile artists from India, Turkey, and Tel Aviv. 

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My products are made with conscious awareness at every step. I choose carefully which suppliers I work with to ensure that every individual involved in creating my goods is treated fairly, and in a safe work environment that paid fairly.


Quality over speed is my NorthStar when it comes to production. No Land  prioritize sustainability, fair treatment of workers, and quality products. All of the pieces we sell are crafted with the greatest of care and consideration.


Nature is our strongest source of inspiration, we gravitate towards earth tones, natural materials, and organic patterns. Our product offerings will always only include items that we love, never straying from what we believe in.

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