About me

So who am I?
Hey, I’m Lion. Loving wife to my main anchor and husband Dudu, and mother to our two-year-old daughter Gili, who is a magical friend and the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am a textile designer in my heart and soul in every step I take.

I am a graduate of Taextile Design at Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art. College specializing in knitting (knitting with two knitting needles, crochet and industrial knitwear – my great and boundless love). In general, I try to challenge myself with regard to this long tradition and to create fabrics that are special, voluminous, three-dimensional and full of life.

I am fascinated by various textures, yarns, natural fabrics and textiles, and very much appreciate traditional handicrafts, dreaming about most of them at night.

Put me in a yarn factory, for me it’s a candy store. A cotton field, I’m instantly taken away.

The ability to create something out of nothing is a huge gift for me. It’s a natural way of sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world. I begin by choosing the type of thread and the color palette, then continue with the design and the type of fabric. I then prepare the fabric (by knitting or weaving), and then I sew from these fabrics to make home textiles, blankets, pillows and poufs (unlike any others you’ve seen before).

I draw most of my inspiration from the gifts of nature – always changing and creating new textural experiences for us. I turn these into knitted fabrics that are rich in textures and full of life.

Every day I am thankful for the ability to observe, create and produce.

Thank you for supporting small businesses.