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Pillow cover only. H 45cm (18in) x W 45cm (18in) 50% cotton 50% acrylic

Raised textured strips are tactile ripples on a smooth backdrop of delicate knitted fabric, beautiful experiences of both motion and stillness like those found in nature. Feel one hundred per cent at home with the visible comfort and stylistic adaptability provided by the Marilyn pillow cover. This three-dimensional textured pillowcase design comes in four colors: mustard yellow, white, dark gray, and ivory. All come with handmade cotton corner poms in cream.
All pillow covers are designed in-house and are original NoLand products, all individually crafted with the best materials available, with care, attention and love.

Order processing time 3-5 days

Pillow cover only.
H 50cm (20in) x W 50cm (20in)
50% cotton 50% acrylic
Made of delicate knitted fabric, please be very gentle and treat with love. Spot clean with a wet wipe, water and mild soap.
Gentle machine wash at 30oC (90oF). Do not bleach.
Hang dry only in the shade.
recommended pillow insert will be 1” to 2” (2-5 cm) larger than pillow cover.
If you choose to use our suggested hollofiber hypoallergenic pillow insert – don’t worry about the size- it’s costume made to our pillow and will fit perfectly.