Privacy Policy

These terms and conditions govern your use of the “Noland” website and the purchase of any materials through it (hereon “the site”). Use of the site constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these terms. Noland reserves the right to change them for any reason at any time.

The site acts as a virtual store selling Noland’ products and/or products that Noland sees as appropriate to their standards.

Noland does their best to sell perfect products, in both quality and design, without exclusions. In any case, if there is no complaint about the product within 24 hours of its purchase/delivery, it will be understood that the product was sold in perfect condition.

Although Noland has made every effort to display products and their colors and sizes as accurately as possible, the displayed colors and sizes of the products depend upon the monitor of the user, and Noland cannot guarantee that the user’s monitor will accurately portray the actual colors of the products. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Noland is not responsible for typographical errors regarding price or any other matter.

Mistakes happen even with much effort on our part, and as such, Noland does not take responsibility for missing information, mistakes or unclear information that can happen even with the best of intentions. Products displayed may be out of stock or discontinued, and prices are subject to change. An out of stock product will not be a valid claim on part of the user for compensation any more than a refund of the money paid for the product.

Noland reserves the right to cancel any order with notice to the buyer and a full refund will be returned.

Anything found on the site, and any idea standing behind it, are private and are subject to copyright laws.

Ordering of Products

  1. The purchase of a product is dependent on exact and correct details as found in the order, so as to be taken care of in an orderly fashion.

After approval by the credit card company, an appropriate notice will be given to the customer.

In the event that the transaction is not approved, the option of providing another means of payment will be given, otherwise the order will be canceled.

The computer records of Noland, and the recording of the order on the computer will be evidence to the correctness of the actions.

Submitting false information is a criminal offense, and Noland reserves the right to claim in court.

Despite all this, Noland will be entitled not to approve any transaction, at their sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever.

2. The product will be delivered by Israel Post Company or by another delivery company. Noland does not take responsibility for any delays not on their part, nor for delays that are caused by forces beyond their control, such as a strike, war, etc.

Whereever the delivery time appears, it is based on the data we received from the delivery company, and the days of the delivery are business days (not including Fridays, holidays and holiday eves).

3.The return of a product or canceling of an order will be subject to Consumer Protection Law.

In any case of cancellation after shipment, the customer will bear the shipping costs, as well as shipping expenses back to the Noland warehouses, and only after receipt of the goods will the refund be made.

A monetary refund will be given up to 48 hours after receipt of the merchandise, and up to 14 days from receipt of the product, a credit will be given for purchase on the site.

Any credit will be given only after notification to Noland, and will be returned to the credit card where the transaction was executed, except for 5% of the transaction value which is non-refundable.

The refund is contingent upon the customer returning the product in its original packaging, which is not damaged, while the product is complete and without defect of any kind, and no use has been made of it. Otherwise, the client shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation whatsoever.

4.Noland does not collect any credit card details, and takes precautions to keep the details and customer information confidential. Information transmission is carried out in strict, encrypted and secure protocols. Noland is not responsible if any information is transferred to hostile entities.

No Land undertakes not to make use of the data, nor to transfer it to anyone other than the credit card company without permission from the owner.