Malala blanket - coral pink


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שלחו לי מייל שהמוצר חוזר למלאי

Pillow cover only. H 45cm (18in) x W 45cm (18in) 50% cotton 50% acrylic

The hand-drawn natural pattern design of Malala exudes life and spontaneity with abstract shapes. Complementing the Malala pillow cover, this jacquard knitted blanket with elegant tassel edges will lighten up a room and enhance the comfort and style of your favorite sofa or home décor environment. Color options include ivory, dark gray and coral pink.
All blankets are designed in-house and are original NoLand products, all individually crafted with the best materials available, with care, attention and love.

Order processing time 3-5 days

H 180cm (70in) x W 130cm (51in)
50% cotton 50% acrylic
Made of delicate knitted fabric, please be very gentle and treat with love. Spot clean with a wet wipe, water and mild soap.
Gentle machine wash at 30oC (90oF). Do not bleach.
Hang dry only in the shade.